Standing Military Press – Because I’ve Got this

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The standing military press makes you feel STRONG… and it’s a tremendous exercise for blowing up your delts… real good.  This exercise will also help to strengthen your core and will help you add pounds to your bench press. Offsetting your stance will allow you to push more weight as you can “cheat” the movement with a slight hip thrust.

It is really important when doing this exercise to ensure that your wrists always stay above your elbows (i.e. at 90°). Use your complete range of motion and lock out the movement at the top. The bar should finish BEHIND the plane at the back of your head.

As with all exercise, if it hurts… don’t do it. If you have a shoulder injury, do not even try this without consulting your doctor. And, if you have never done a military press before, make sure to get instruction from a fitness professional at your gym.

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